Just like the princess (or prince in the Disney version) had to kiss many frogs to find their one, it might take our modern-day Single Black Kings and Queens much patience and many clicks through dating profiles to find love in the Tristate area. As someone who has tried online dating, the number of profiles to wade through might seem daunting. Alas, don’t despair, 2018 will be your best dating year ever with TriState Black Singles!
Some people think that the profile summary on your dating page is no big deal. I think it’s a deal breaker. A friend of mine said that when she looks at a potential’s profile and sees “I’ll tell you later” winky face. Her advice? “Buyer beware.”
There are many reasons why you may be 40+ and looking for love. Maybe it’s your first time, maybe you’re divorced and getting back out there, maybe you’re widowed, or maybe you’ve been in a long-term relationship that ended and is just ready to get back out there. In any case, you may be feeling alone, but you’re not. Just check out the 'Singles over 40' profiles on TriState Black Singles for proof.
Coming off a divisive election, contentious inauguration, and show of solidarity Women’s March (reminiscent and just as awe inspiring as The Million Women’s March back in the 90s) it’s nice to think about something as simple as love in February—the true unselfish kind. Like being kind to others, smiling and saying hello to strangers—it goes a long way. It’s the little acts of kindness that may help to heal wounds. It got me to thinking about why sites like TriState Black Singles are so important.
Hi Black Single: In life, we have a purpose. Some of us may find it, while we’re young. Others don’t find it until much later, but we are put on this earth to do something and to share with others. As we journey, a major distraction is “comparison”. Often we compare things. When we run […]
Hello My Black Single Sisters and Single Brothers, So what do you enjoy doing?  Think about what soothes your spirit and go do it this August weekend!   How I love music!  I like a wide musical variety from classical to jazz to rap.  This weekend I’m in a Jazz mood.  It’s a wonderful thing to have great artists such as John Batiste and Stay Human, Miles Davis, Wynton […]
Yes, I am speaking to all of my black, single and searching brothers and sisters in the United States.  Move away from the Internet and get out today! Let everyone see your radiant sunshine as you stroll around a local park, get a bite to eat at your favorite eatery owned by a person of […]
Hello black single ladies, Why do I see us doing it all the time?! Yes, we wait for others to validate us and to approve of what we’ve done and who we are! The truth is we need to stand and look at our reflections in our mirrors and then give ourselves rounds of applause! […]