So your dream Internet lover is a cad in real life?  That sucks.  But it’s happened to the best of us. It can be superficial, I have a friend who said that his date’s teeth turned out to be way bigger in person than her picture–like of the horsey variety. Another said [...]
Some people think that the profile summary on your dating page is no big deal.  I think it’s a deal breaker.  A friend of mine said that when she looks at a potential’s profile and sees “I’ll tell you later” winky face. Her advice? “Keep it moving, Sistren.  Buyer beware.” Overall, when [...]
Hey Connecticut TriState Black Singles! So there are many reasons why you may be 40+ and looking for love.  Maybe it’s your first time, maybe you’re divorced and getting back out there, maybe you’re widowed, or maybe you’ve been in a long-term relationship that ended and is just ready to get back [...]
Love is in the air.  What a relief. Coming off a divisive election, contentious inauguration, and show of solidarity Women’s March (reminiscent and just as awe inspiring as The Million Women’s March back in the 90s) it’s nice to think about something as simple as love in February—the true unselfish kind.  Like [...]
Set your New Year’s Resolution to include more dates Cheers to New Love, Connecticut Black Singles! A great way to keep your resolution to include more dates this year is with online dating through Tristate Black Singles!  A recent Pew Research Center poll shows that in 2005, 44% of Americans thought online [...]
Hi Black Connecticut Single: In life, we all have a purpose. Some of us find it in our earliest years. A lot of us find it later. We are on Planet Earth to do something and to share generously. In our travels, there are many distractions. “Comparison” is a major one. We [...]
Hello my Connecticut Black Single Brothers and Sisters, Tell me what do you enjoy in August?  What soothes you? Why not de-stress this August weekend?   I love music. Don’t you?  I enjoy music ranging from classical to jazz to rap.  This weekend I’m in a Jazz mood.  The Side Door in Old Lyme may be the place for me this weekend. Where do black singles go? Perhaps I’ll [...]
Yes, Connecticut black single, I’m talking to you. Stand up, get out of your comfort zone, and let everyone see you glow. Take a stroll in a park in Bridgeport, get a bite to eat at Chef Jeff’s Cuisine in Norwalk or do a little shopping in Hartford.  Whatever you select, do [...]
Hello Connecticut single black Ladies,  What do you do all the time? You wait until others validate and approve of what you choose to do and who you are! The truth is that you should stand up, look in the mirror and applaud for Connecticut black single ladies!. Our strength as women [...]