Dear Connecticut Black single, Do you have patriotic date plans? Although views vary among the many interesting Black singles I talk to, I’m not excited about July 4th this year. For 8 recent years, I’d donned red, white & blue outfits and celebrated with enthusiasm. Now I’m just blue. I think that [...]
Dear Connecticut Black single: Do you agree with me, when I say that entrepreneurship is key to our success? If so, let’s incorporate our support of black entrepreneurs into our dinner or lunch dates. May is a great month, because, after the cold winter, Connecticut looks so vibrant and green. Window seats [...]
Dear Connecticut Black single: I’m proud to share how the Black Panther movie has earned over $610 million, as of March 20th domestically. Did you know that it’s second only to Marvel’s The Avengers? Let’s “date” the Black Panther movie into first place, by attending in high numbers! So isn’t it time [...]
Hello Connecticut black single: Happy New Year! Doesn’t it feel good to be a Member of TriState Black Singles and to be part of our African diaspora? January is a renewal month, so why not strive to improve yourself by picking up a good habit? Why not reaffirm the Kwanzaa principles at [...]
Hello Connecticut Black single: Don’t you feel that this Christmas season should start way before the December 24th church service and  holiday dinner? Doesn’t it seem that the Christmas spirit starts almost on December 25th? Aren’t you an active member of TriState Black Singles? Well, why not go on a “Gratitude Date”? [...]
Hello: Have you decided to move forward this month, Connecticut black single? If you’re a serious single (and we want ONLY serious singles on this site, please), then it’s time to make April 2017  your month to shine! Connecticut may not have as many singles on TriState Black Singles as New York [...]
Dear Black Connecticut Single: Weather forecasters are mentioning a possible winter storm on Monday. Finally eh? I grew up in our tristate region and snow seemed to be everywhere during the cold months! Maybe the snow seemed deep because I was short then, but I do remember trying to shovel and having [...]
Dear Connecticut black single: Busy preparing for Thanksgiving? If you will host this year, have you started to clean?  Have you made a list of foods for shopping? Travelling? Hmmm, trying to choose a great gift to give the host? My Thanksgiving message is short: Do NOT forget!! “Forget what?” you wonder. [...]
Dear Connecticut Black King: You may meet a woman who has been involuntarily traumatized by past involvement with a destructive man. The after affect is how now she judges every man she comes upon, based on that experience. As terrible as it may sound to you, you should let her go in [...]
Dear Black Connecticut Single, Don’t you think that dating becomes what you make? Don’t you believe that the benefits of dating are what you put in? Some single black men and women put in a little effort because they have become tired of their dating world. I understand this. Doesn’t everyone want [...]