Dear Connecticut Black single: Everyone in our TriState region is talking about Odell Beckham Jr.! In his first fifteen NFL games, Odell Beckham Jr. has made the most receptions ever! Odell Beckham Jr. has been the fastest player to get 100 career receptions. He did this in 14 games. That was only [...]
So your dream Internet lover is a cad in real life?  That sucks.  But it’s happened to the best of us. It can be superficial, I have a friend who said that his date’s teeth turned out to be way bigger in person than her picture–like of the horsey variety. Another said [...]
Some people think that the profile summary on your dating page is no big deal.  I think it’s a deal breaker.  A friend of mine said that when she looks at a potential’s profile and sees “I’ll tell you later” winky face. Her advice? “Keep it moving, Sistren.  Buyer beware.” Overall, when [...]
Tristate Connecticut Black Singles, nothing can be more nerve-wracking than a first date on Valentine’s Day.  Where to go, what to do?  The world around you is encouraging love and plates of aphrodisiacs (if I see another over-priced plate of oysters or chocolate and strawberries…hard eye roll.)  Regardless, the world celebrating love [...]