Hello single, Today, are you thinking a lot about black dating, Connecticut single? If snow buried has you, you’re swamped at work or fall in the middle, you’re not alone. Nevertheless, it’s time to think about your Valentine’s Day lunch and dinner. Only 12 days until you enjoy a special Valentine’s Saturday! [...]
Wow, black Connecticut singles, do you know where this year has gone?! Kwanzaa has come from around the corner to greet us. Are you ready for Kwanzaa? I sure am! Shhh…and you will hear it! Akosua
Hi Black Connecticut Single: In life, we all have a purpose. Some of us find it in our earliest years. A lot of us find it later. We are on Planet Earth to do something and to share generously. In our travels, there are many distractions. “Comparison” is a major one. We [...]
Hello my Connecticut Black Single Brothers and Sisters, Tell me what do you enjoy in August?  What soothes you? Why not de-stress this August weekend?   I love music. Don’t you?  I enjoy music ranging from classical to jazz to rap.  This weekend I’m in a Jazz mood.  The Side Door in Old Lyme may be the place for me this weekend. Where do black singles go? Perhaps I’ll [...]
Hello Black Connecticut Single,  Are you loving you some YOU? As an attractive black single adult in our society today, it’s rather easy to get caught up in the world of dating as you search for that special guy or gal. Yes, I realize that life can get lonely at times, but [...]
Yes, Connecticut black single, I’m talking to you. Stand up, get out of your comfort zone, and let everyone see you glow. Take a stroll in a park in Bridgeport, get a bite to eat at Chef Jeff’s Cuisine in Norwalk or do a little shopping in Hartford.  Whatever you select, do [...]
Hello Connecticut black single: What is the first date? Isn’t that when we make first impressions? First everything. But, what is there to do together on your first date? The typical movie and dinner just isn’t cutting it anymore especially since you cannot get to know one another while watching a two-hour [...]
Hello Connecticut single black Ladies,  What do you do all the time? You wait until others validate and approve of what you choose to do and who you are! The truth is that you should stand up, look in the mirror and applaud for Connecticut black single ladies!. Our strength as women [...]
Hello Connecticut black single, Although we know that you’re here on this black dating site, because you’re searching for a terrific, black single man or a great, black single woman, stop for a moment to time travel tonight! If you travel back 25 years, you’ll reach when “Do the Right Thing” was [...]
Hello Connecticut black single: What do you do after adversity?  Do you tell a story to strengthen yourself?  Every human being on this earth will find hardship, sorrow or trauma during life. Being single can make a situation more challenging. Adversity still affects your spirit. Tell me, do you make excuses or build [...]