Hello: Have you decided to move forward this month, Connecticut black single? If you’re a serious single (and we want ONLY serious singles on this site, please), then it’s time to make April 2017  your month to shine! Connecticut may not have as many singles on TriState Black Singles as New York [...]
Dear black Connecticut single, Have you ghosted someone recently? Let me be clear about what ghosting is. Ghosting is the art of vanishing without calling, texting or communicating to your date. Usually it happens when someone has lost interest. Doesn’t our mobile driven era let us disconnect easily to go on to [...]
Hello Connecticut black single: Pictures of President Obama in Cuba are everywhere. Do you want to pack a travel bag? Do you want to go to somewhere that is not as cold as it is in our tristate region now? Here, in northern NJ, it’s windy and this night’s temperatures fall in [...]
Hello Connecticut Black Single: Has anyone told you yet that tomorrow is “National Eat An Apple Day”? Yes, I really mean it. What special activity should you do for National Eat An Apple Day, as a friendly eligible black, dating Connecticut, New York and New Jersey singles? Have you been dating one [...]
Dear Black Connecticut Single,  Can you count how many times you’d said you’re done with dating, before you found this site which is geared towards serious black singles? Too many times probably. Have you found yourself on a date wondering how did you get there? Indeed, I get it and it’s actually [...]
It’s February, Connecticut Black Single! Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to be more health conscious this year? Why shouldn’t you want to be, since you don’t really have much without your health right? Well, wouldn’t the gym would make a great date place? Yes, I know that you’re going to smell [...]
Hey Black Connecticut Single: Let’s be candid. We’ve all had relationships before. And, whether long, brief, good or miserable, we are not in those relationships now. How do we use our past to help us as we seek love on this regional black online dating site? The answer is simple…Keep them in [...]
Hello my Connecticut Black Single Brothers and Sisters, Tell me what do you enjoy in August?  What soothes you? Why not de-stress this August weekend?   I love music. Don’t you?  I enjoy music ranging from classical to jazz to rap.  This weekend I’m in a Jazz mood.  The Side Door in Old Lyme may be the place for me this weekend. Where do black singles go? Perhaps I’ll [...]
Hello Black Connecticut Single,  Are you loving you some YOU? As an attractive black single adult in our society today, it’s rather easy to get caught up in the world of dating as you search for that special guy or gal. Yes, I realize that life can get lonely at times, but [...]
Yes, Connecticut black single, I’m talking to you. Stand up, get out of your comfort zone, and let everyone see you glow. Take a stroll in a park in Bridgeport, get a bite to eat at Chef Jeff’s Cuisine in Norwalk or do a little shopping in Hartford.  Whatever you select, do [...]