Hello black single, To make April a great dating month, don’t you need to update your profile? The spring signifies “freshness” and “newness” to me, so your old profile will not attract the serious singles who are new to this site. How do you update? It’s easy! Be yourself! Share in your profile how you […]
Hello Black Single, Have you ghosted someone? Ghosting is the art, yes art, of disappearing without any form of communication to the person you’re seeing or dating. Being in a mobile driven era has allowed us to disconnect easily and move on to the next best thing. A man and a woman have gone on […]
Hello black single, Despite the cold weather, spring has arrived. Are you ready to travel with your sweetheart? If you’re taking the kids, make sure that every child has a chance to talk, showing his or her personality. Peace, Matty
Enjoy “National Eat An Apple Day” on Saturday, black single! Share an apple with that special single who’s caught your eye! Donate applesauce fruit packs to your local food pantry! Celebrate, Matty
Dear Black Single, Have you said you’re finished with dating? Yes? Too many times? Laugh as you think of all the different characters you’ve met! Hasn’t someone revealed TMI have disclosed very interesting life stories that have you swigging wine, waiting for the date to finish? What if the next person you date turns out […]
Happy 2015, Black Single! Wasn’t one of your New Year resolutions to be more healthy? Even if it wasn’t part of your resolution list, you probably should be healthier. You don’t really have much without your health, right? I was at the gym yesterday and I was being nosey, watching people workout. I realized that […]
Hi Black Single: Let’s tell it like it is. We’ve all had relationships, before we found this black online dating website. And whether they were short, long, bad or good, we are not still in a relationship. So how do we use past experiences to assist us, while we continue to seek love? Let them […]
Hello My Black Single Sisters and Single Brothers, So what do you enjoy doing?  Think about what soothes your spirit and go do it this August weekend!   How I love music!  I like a wide musical variety from classical to jazz to rap.  This weekend I’m in a Jazz mood.  It’s a wonderful thing to have great artists such as John Batiste and Stay Human, Miles Davis, Wynton […]
Hello Black American Single, Do you love you some YOU? Being single in this day and age, it’s easy to get swept up into the dating world, while you look for that special man or woman to share your life with. Of course, I understand how single life can become lonely at times, but sometimes […]
Yes, I am speaking to all of my black, single and searching brothers and sisters in the United States.  Move away from the Internet and get out today! Let everyone see your radiant sunshine as you stroll around a local park, get a bite to eat at your favorite eatery owned by a person of […]