Hello black single, Do you tell your friends everything about your dating life? The obvious answer to this is, who doesn’t? We all do it. It’s easy to run to friends to spill details, because that’s what friends do. They hear our stories. But, in their eagerness to look out for you, they fill your […]
Hello black single: Being single and dating, we do try to impress the people we have interest in, so we can date them long term. We talk about our goals in life, our accomplishments, hobbies, etc. Some singles even develop a new persona, hoping to boost their image. Everywhere you look, there’s something telling us […]
Hi Black Single: In life, we have a purpose. Some of us may find it, while we’re young. Others don’t find it until much later, but we are put on this earth to do something and to share with others. As we journey, a major distraction is “comparison”. Often we compare things. When we run […]
Dear black single, From sun up until sundown, we use social media to share details about our daily lives or to highlight significant events. How easy it is to over-share some words that we wish we could take back later. This is why when you date, you should keep details about her or him offline. […]
Hello My Black Single Sisters and Single Brothers, So what do you enjoy doing?  Think about what soothes your spirit and go do it this August weekend!   How I love music!  I like a wide musical variety from classical to jazz to rap.  This weekend I’m in a Jazz mood.  It’s a wonderful thing to have great artists such as John Batiste and Stay Human, Miles Davis, Wynton […]