Dear Connecticut Black single: Do you agree with me, when I say that entrepreneurship is key to our success? If so, let’s incorporate our support of black entrepreneurs into our dinner or lunch dates. May is a great month, because, after the cold winter, Connecticut looks so vibrant and green. Window seats [...]
Dear Connecticut Black Single, It feels like spring…almost. Outdoor dating will soon start! The significance of stretching cannot be stressed enough. As many Black, Connecticut singles professionals know, we work at desks and our muscles, especially in our back and legs shorten after sitting for a long time. After work or first [...]
Dear Connecticut Black single: I’m proud to share how the Black Panther movie has earned over $610 million, as of March 20th domestically. Did you know that it’s second only to Marvel’s The Avengers? Let’s “date” the Black Panther movie into first place, by attending in high numbers! So isn’t it time [...]
Hello Connecticut Black single: Happy Valentine’s Day to you! Do you have a dating success story to share with us? If not, stay patient, update your profile and contact more people. Our website has a lot of serious black singles. I’m counting down the days until Saturday, when I see the Black [...]
Hello Connecticut Black single: Don’t you feel that this Christmas season should start way before the December 24th church service and  holiday dinner? Doesn’t it seem that the Christmas spirit starts almost on December 25th? Aren’t you an active member of TriState Black Singles? Well, why not go on a “Gratitude Date”? [...]
Hello Connecticut black single: December is for Dead lifts! Dead lifts are the last of the “Big Three.” Just like the other two (bench press and squats), this exercise should be part of your workout plan, as you finish 2017. Your back is one of your most important body parts. Why not [...]
Hello: November in Connecticut can be a challenge for us as black singles, right? Thanksgiving dinner, office parties and gatherings with friends all might add extra pounds. Since we’re on this dating website to meet new people, we want to avoid doing that, right? Squats! Squats are absolutely critical, if you want [...]
Hello Connecticut Black single: Why not enjoy a Midnight Movie, during Halloween weekend? Start with a dinner to share good conversation with your TriState Black Single friend. Afterwards, won’t a classic, like Night of the Living Dead have both of you laughing or jumping in surprise together? If you prefer a good [...]
Hello: October has arrived and it’s time to leap forward to feel and look better by the end of 2017. Don’t you want to feel good, when you meet the serious black lady that you’ve been talking with on this website? Have you found a gym yet? There are plenty of gyms [...]
Hello Connecticut brother: Since  you’re a single guy if you’re reading this, I will focus on the benefits of fitness for a single man. Being in great shape attracts women. This is no secret. It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short. Unless a women has low self esteem or is in [...]