Dear Black King, You may meet someone who is traumatized by a past experience with a man, meaning she is judging every man she encounters based on an experience with someone else. As bad as it sounds, the best thing you can do is let her go so she can heal. She needs to cleanse […]
Dear Black Single, What happens if you’re not interested? What is the easiest way to let someone down? Rejection is never easy, especially if you’re on the receiving side of it. Everyone says to give things a chance by going on a date a few times to get to know someone better. However, for some […]
Dear proud black single: A friendship like any relationship will take time and effort to work. And, if you care about the person, you will put in the work. It’s not surprising to me that romantic relationships are more successful when founded on strong friendships in the beginning. We are looking forward to the release […]
Hello black single, Here’s more on the issue of “overthinking”. As you date and get to know someone, not only don’t your friends not know your interesting date, but neither do you yet. Telling your friends what’s happening forces them to develop opinions which may sabotage the relationship. Of course, share with your friends! Just […]
Hello black single, Do you tell your friends everything about your dating life? The obvious answer to this is, who doesn’t? We all do it. It’s easy to run to friends to spill details, because that’s what friends do. They hear our stories. But, in their eagerness to look out for you, they fill your […]
Enjoy “National Eat An Apple Day” on Saturday, black single! Share an apple with that special single who’s caught your eye! Donate applesauce fruit packs to your local food pantry! Celebrate, Matty
Dear Black Single, Do you have deal breakers, when you date? Boundaries for yourself and for others are okay. We all have our limits. Be honest with yourself! Deal breakers may help you prevent unhappy situations and maintain your sanity. Keep an open-mind and have fun dating outside of “your box”, but do not lose […]
Hello Black single, Happy 4th of July! Are you proud thinking about how black Crispus Attucks was the first American killed during the Boston Massacre? Are you proud that we have a black President? Are you troubled thinking about the Mother Emanuel AME Church, Eric Garner, Mike Brown, Kiki Gray and others? Happy 4th of July? What’s […]
Hello black single: Do you have more men or women as your friends? Have you noticed how frequently people mixup friendliness with flirting? Once lines blur, intentions become cloudy. Perhaps this explains why some women and men stick with their own. I think that this is fine, but it might hinder approaching the opposite sex. […]
Dear Black Single, “So, what are you looking for?” is confusing. Is he asking if I want a relationship? Or is he wondering about what I desire in a man? Am I searching for salvation? I hate “The Talk,” but it is necessary. If I try to avoid it, someone gets hurt or angry. That conversation […]