Dear Black Single, Have you said you’re finished with dating? Yes? Too many times? Laugh as you think of all the different characters you’ve met! Hasn’t someone revealed TMI have disclosed very interesting life stories that have you swigging wine, waiting for the date to finish? What if the next person you date turns out […]
What does “clingy” mean to you, black single? Shouldn’t you express your feelings toward the special someone? We may hear men moan about a “woman being too clingy”. But doesn’t it happens with both genders? I define clinginess as when one person becomes overly attached to another individual and sends constant calls & texts. Also […]
Happy 2015, Black Single! Wasn’t one of your New Year resolutions to be more healthy? Even if it wasn’t part of your resolution list, you probably should be healthier. You don’t really have much without your health, right? I was at the gym yesterday and I was being nosey, watching people workout. I realized that […]
Hello black single, Valentine’s Day is only 12 days away.  Have you thought about lunch and dinner on Valentine’s Day yet? Cooking is a fun date. You can find hundreds of tasty recipes online. Don’t forget to include children in your Valentine’s Day plans. The children can suggest dishes and everyone can prepare food together. […]
Creating a workout plan you enjoy is an easy and fulfilling step towards becoming physically fit. With an exercise routine you can plot ahead, set objectives and complete them. Navigating the Internet, as I have shown you readers before, you can create a routine for achieving your goals very quickly and efficiently. Would you rather […]
We wish to all black singles throughout the United States success in 2015 in their searches for love!