Hello Black Single: Today, TriState Black Singles would like to take a moment to celebrate John Birks “Dizzy” Gillespie, the trumpet virtuoso. Dizzy Gillespie was born on October 21, 1917. Although Dizzy was born in Cheraw, South Carolina, he spent many years in New York and New Jersey (where he died in 1993). Since TriState […]
TriState Black Singles congratulates Odell Beckham Jr., his parents, Heather Van Norman & Odell Beckham Sr. and Odell’s stepfather, Derek Mills! On our Tristate Black Singles’ blog, we discuss challenges that single black men & women face when dating. Let’s hear from some single black men. If you had a guaranteed $65 million income like […]
Dear serious Black single: Enjoy your 4th of July date! Maybe dinner with a fireworks view? Whether you spend your holiday date at a parade, a rally, a park or a BBQ, enjoy it with your new friend from TriState Black Singles. Remembering Crispus Attucks, Matty
Dear Black Single: A great way to support black entrepreneurship is to make it part of your lunch or dinner date. How? It’s easy. Isn’t May one of your favorite months? May is so green and vibrant that it’s no surprise that window seats are in high demand in many restaurants. If you need a […]
Hello Black Single, The importance of stretching can’t be over stressed. Some busy Black singles enjoy going right into workouts without stretching previously. For the most part this is okay. However, best is when stretching is considered just as important as the fact that you chose to exercise in the first place. In order for […]
…you will be at the EDGE of many conversations. The Black Panther movie provides the basis for a great date night. Don’t forget to add dinner and be prepared for a lot of positive conversation! If you’ve seen it once, watch it again. Yes, it will still be thrilling! Watching T’Challa as the Head of […]
Hello Black single: Happy Valentine’s Day! If you’ve found your special someone through Tri-State Black Singles, please share your success story with us! I am so excited about the upcoming Black Panther movie. Let’s work together to make it a total success! Counting down until Saturday, Matty
Hello Black single: Happy New Year 2018! Don’t forget to extend the 7 Kwanzaa Principles throughout 2018. Although we no longer have a black President to celebrate, we still should shout out “Happy New Year 2018! Peace, Matty