Hello black single, Valentine’s Day is only 12 days away.  Have you thought about lunch and dinner on Valentine’s Day yet? Cooking is a fun date. You can find hundreds of tasty recipes online. Don’t forget to include children in your Valentine’s Day plans. The children can suggest dishes and everyone can prepare food together. […]
Dear Black Single: Your time is precious, as is everyone else’s. Now and then you need to cancel a meeting or a date or you get cancelled on. It’s critical to a growing relationship to remain open-minded when a date cancels. Don’t be a person who believes that no good match would cancel on you […]
Hi Black Single: In life, we have a purpose. Some of us may find it, while we’re young. Others don’t find it until much later, but we are put on this earth to do something and to share with others. As we journey, a major distraction is “comparison”. Often we compare things. When we run […]
Hello My Black Single Sisters and Single Brothers, So what do you enjoy doing?  Think about what soothes your spirit and go do it this August weekend!   How I love music!  I like a wide musical variety from classical to jazz to rap.  This weekend I’m in a Jazz mood.  It’s a wonderful thing to have great artists such as John Batiste and Stay Human, Miles Davis, Wynton […]
Hello Black American Single, Do you love you some YOU? Being single in this day and age, it’s easy to get swept up into the dating world, while you look for that special man or woman to share your life with. Of course, I understand how single life can become lonely at times, but sometimes […]
Yes, I am speaking to all of my black, single and searching brothers and sisters in the United States.  Move away from the Internet and get out today! Let everyone see your radiant sunshine as you stroll around a local park, get a bite to eat at your favorite eatery owned by a person of […]
Hello black single: Is it time for the first date? Isn’t that the time for lasting first impressions? First everything. But how should you spend your first date? The typical movie and dinner just isn’t cutting it anymore especially since you cannot get to know one another while watching an evening film. Whether you’re the […]
Hello black single ladies, Why do I see us doing it all the time?! Yes, we wait for others to validate us and to approve of what we’ve done and who we are! The truth is we need to stand and look at our reflections in our mirrors and then give ourselves rounds of applause! […]