Hello Black Single, Wanted to discuss social media and dating. Some people find that social media makes it hard to date. Especially, if you post regularly about your everyday life activities. Let’s be real, social media allows us to be nosey. We’re able to look up people and learn about them simply from the things […]
Hello: This saying applies to differing areas in relationships, careers, and even when we take up other activities such as wine tasting or working out. We are judged by our appearance, sad to say. In our serious dating world, how much does his/her style matter to you? Often, we put together a list of qualities […]
Dear proud black single: A friendship like any relationship will take time and effort to work. And, if you care about the person, you will put in the work. It’s not surprising to me that romantic relationships are more successful when founded on strong friendships in the beginning. We are looking forward to the release […]
Dear black single: Spring has been here for a while, but April marks the arrival of the Spring 2016 season. This season is a new start. It’s an incredible feeling! The idea of renewing lets us look at ourselves and what’s around us with a magnified perspective. Do you hold onto items or people when […]
Hello black single, Despite the cold weather, spring has arrived. Are you ready to travel with your sweetheart? If you’re taking the kids, make sure that every child has a chance to talk, showing his or her personality. Peace, Matty
Dear black single, Did you watch the Oscars, last night? Did you enjoy Chris Rock as the host? What would you do to make the Oscars into a date night in your home? Peace, Matty
Dear black single, If your gut tells you how your current relationship is not working out, trust it. Yes, it’s a hard pill to swallow, but yes, it is the truth. You know what you will to put up with. It’s good to be open-minded, but don’t ignore your boundaries. Because once you do this, […]
Hello black single, Here’s more on the issue of “overthinking”. As you date and get to know someone, not only don’t your friends not know your interesting date, but neither do you yet. Telling your friends what’s happening forces them to develop opinions which may sabotage the relationship. Of course, share with your friends! Just […]
Hello black single, Do you tell your friends everything about your dating life? The obvious answer to this is, who doesn’t? We all do it. It’s easy to run to friends to spill details, because that’s what friends do. They hear our stories. But, in their eagerness to look out for you, they fill your […]
Dear Black Single: Don’t you sometimes need a break for enjoying life and relaxing? How about surrounding yourself with some positive people? How about hosting a Kwanzaa dinner party? Give your friends and some relatives a call to bring everyone together. There is a lot more to life besides work. Also, being around such positivity […]