Hello Black single: Happy New Year 2018! Don’t forget to extend the 7 Kwanzaa Principles throughout 2018. Although we no longer have a black President to celebrate, we still should shout out “Happy New Year 2018! Peace, Matty
Dear black single: Why not tie loose ends this month, as you prepare to start a new year? Is there a drawer to organize? A few pounds to lose? A book to finish? Get ready to find your special person in 2018! New York, New Jersey and Connecticut are full of interesting black singles looking […]
Hello Black Connecticut single, Black New Jersey single or Black New York single: Happy Halloween from all of us at TriState Black Singles! Enjoy friendship, thrills and laughter, in the 8 days ahead leading up to Halloween 2017! Why not celebrate the African diaspora in your costume? Show how proud and creative you are! Matty
Exercise is key to us as black men. The stats are scarey, but they’re on target. We need to stop smoking and limit gaming. How are we to attract serious black single women, if we aren’t together? Change your mindset and let’s move forward. Ben
Why Self-Love, Before Shared Love, Is Key Renowned author and playwright, Oscar Wilde, once said, “To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance.”  Whoever comes and goes romantically, you’re stuck with yourself for a lifetime. Loving yourself will certainly make the journey a lot easier. But, beyond the need to love yourself for […]
Some people think that the profile summary on your dating page is no big deal. I think it’s a deal breaker. A friend of mine said that when she looks at a potential’s profile and sees “I’ll tell you later” winky face. Her advice? “Buyer beware.”