After tough times, what story do you tell?  Everyone who walks this earth will encounter some sort of hardship, pain, sorrow, trauma, misfortune, or difficulty at some point in their lives.  Although the situation may be minuscule or huge, it still has some effect on you. Tell me, do you make excuses or tell a story […]
Yes, single black lady, I know you are successful, determined and independent and have your own mouth to speak from, but have you ever had a man order for you, when you’re eating out? How beguiling is the man who takes control to see that your need and want is fulfilled! Now, whether you tell […]
Hello Black Singles, If you can dream it, you can become it. I’m sure my black brothers and sisters have heard this over and over again, but do you believe it? Dare to dream you are the next bestselling novelist, the next world renowned hair stylist, the number one fashion designer in the world, or […]
Hello black single, TGIF! After work, dig into your closet and bring out whatever still fits from your college days! Let’s join the First Lady and celebrate today which is Wear Your College Apparel Day!
Are you an Atlantic City black single? How about a black single in Englewood, Somerset, Jersey City or New Brunswick? I decided to start this blog for unmarried, widowed and divorced black singles in New Jersey, while we’re still enjoying Mardi Gras festivities (despite too much snow)! I know that I would have liked to […]
Today, I’m reaching out to Bridgeport Black Singles, Norwalk Black Singles, Stamford Black Singles and Manchester Black Singles. (If you know your geography, you know that we’ve reached the Long Island Sound.) As you know, TriState Black Singles is a new website. By focusing on Black single life in New York, Black single life in […]
Although spring began on Thursday, according to the calendar, is there a black single in New Jersey, a black single in Connecticut or a black single in New York who would NOT call today the real first day of spring? How did you spend this bright, breezy, warmish Saturday? I dusted off my baseball glove […]