TriState Black Single, Happy July 4th

Image result for US flag + .gov or .orgDear Connecticut Black single,

Do you have patriotic date plans? Although views vary among the many interesting Black singles I talk to, I’m not excited about July 4th this year. For 8 recent years, I’d donned red, white & blue outfits and celebrated with enthusiasm. Now I’m just blue. I think that I’m politically underwhelmed and that affects my patriotic feelings now. How are you doing?

As a TriState Black Single, how do you make a 4th of July date great, if you feel similar? Eating out in your favorite spot, followed by the fireworks in New Haven might help you.

Or don’t you think that watching a parade with your date would help you to share interests and laughs?

Also, a concert might work. Let yourself mingle with the music as you hold your date’s hand.

Any other suggestions to share to help other Connecticut Black singles?

Remembering Crispus Attucks,