Single Over 40? All the good men and women aren’t taken

Photo: Bennie Roosevelt

There are many reasons why you may be 40+ and looking for love.  Maybe it’s your first time, maybe you’re divorced and getting back out there, maybe you’re widowed, or maybe you’ve been in a long-term relationship that ended and is just ready to get back out there.  In any case, you may be feeling alone, but you’re not.  Just check out the ‘Singles over 40’ profiles on TriState Black Singles for proof.

You know that oft-used statistic that says that today half of all marriages end in divorce?  Well, it’s false.  Apparently, the math done to come by that figure was erroneous.  Using correct tallies, the actual overall figures of U.S. divorce rates are lower.  That’s good news.  However, according to research done by Nathan Yau of Flowing Data, among ethnic groups, black Americans still outpace their ethnic counterparts in divorce rates.  Okay, so that stat is depressing, but stay with me here there’s a silver cloud.

And it is…

a large percentage of that group is single and looking and according to data, they will get remarried.

And like you, they are not young and naive, they have clarity in what they want this time around, and like you, they have history (i.e. baggage, but history sounds nicer).

And for the women.  Statistics show that among females of all races black women have better and more matches on niche sites dedicated to African Americans.  An example of a niche site: TriState Black Singles!

My point?  There is a large segment like you that is out there and looking for their other half and chances are the best way to broaden your dating pool if you are not finding love in your church, clubs and groups, the gym, or the grocery store is to sign up to TriState Black Singles where you can take your time and get to know like-minded people looking for the same thing as you: love.

So, get out there!  Love is available and waiting for you.  Sign up on Tristate Black Singles and find it!

Tell me, what are some of your dating insecurities?