Part Two

Dear Black King,

You may meet someone who is traumatized by a past experience with a man, meaning she is judging every man she encounters based on an experience with someone else.
As bad as it sounds, the best thing you can do is let her go so she can heal. She needs to cleanse her mind of negative thoughts about men and relationships in general before moving on to another to prevent a disastrous relationship.
Or perhaps you can take on the challenge and show her you’re different? If so, try to set an example for her (and for other men.) Your behavior should reflect who you are and what you want, truthfully. Avoid things that can potentially set off red flags with her, even if unintentional. That’s something to think about, eh?
Regardless, it’s just another example of a how a small group of men can ruin the chances for a good man to be in a successful relationship.
Still though, it’s not impossible, just a little more difficult.