Make your TriState Black Singles Profile Pop!

Hodor Profile

Some people think that the profile summary on your dating page is no big deal.  I think it’s a deal breaker.  A friend of mine said that when she looks at a potential’s profile and sees “I’ll tell you later” winky face. Her advice? “Keep it moving, Sistren.  Buyer beware.”

Overall, when your profile is missing info people think, “If you can’t make the effort why should I waste my time?”  


On that note, get inspired, find your funny bone, and use these five tips to make your TriState Black Singles profile stand out from the crowd.

  1. Stop saying the same things as your “competition”.

Face it.  This is a race and if you want the cheese, you better run harder, faster, smarter…in profile talk, that means stand out from the pack.

TIP: Study the pickings.  If there is a woman or man on TriState Black Singles that catches your eye and you like what they have to say, then tailor your summary to catch their eye.

Avoid: Vague language.

Change, “I like to travel” to

“I’ve been to Easter Island, Tasmania, and Timbuktu.  I love to travel and am looking for a travel buddy to accompany me.”

You haven’t travelled?  Talk about the places you want to visit with the right travel mate.

Do: Throw in something unique about yourself.

You’ve run with the bulls, you volunteer to pet stray cats, you were born on a swiss countryside…who would’ve known?  No one, if you don’t share, and I bet it will catch someone’s eye.

  1. Use: Conversation Starters.

If you have run with the bulls people are going to want to know about it, but the mundane can be great convo starters too.

Say you write…Yoga is my favorite sport–I practice it daily.  I hate vanilla ice cream because of a weird mishap, and I go go-karting 2x a week.  Guaranteed someone will ask about one if not all of these things.

Where do you go go-karting?  What weird mishap made you hate vanilla ice cream?  Why yoga over say…the Yankees?

See what I mean?

  1. Your profile picture.  Have some.  Remember in a previous post I said: profiles with pics get more clicks.

I used three recent ones.  A close-up, a body shot (in clothes please!), and one where I was at an event—a candid, half-body shot.  These will suffice.

Do: Keep photos natural, make eye contact, strive for attractive not suggestive.  (Don’t show your thirst.)

  1. Proofread your profile summary!  If you can’t, have a friend edit.  When people are being picky, they start picking your grammar and misspellings apart.
  2. Don’t (cause there’s always a don’t): Be a Debbie Downer or a Willy Whiner.

I can’t stand a whiner in real life the same as I can’t stand one online.  Keep your baggage and insecurities off your summary.  How much you hate your ex, how online dating never works, but here goes, or how you’ve been hurt in the past should not be featured.  Be upbeat.

So analyze your profile and think about how to articulate all of the many things that make you special, upload your best pics and watch your response rate uptick.

Any good tips to share?  In our virtual world where millions upon millions of profiles float in cyberspace how do you get noticed?