Get Fit, Black Single

Dear Connecticut Black Single,

It feels like spring…almost. Outdoor dating will soon start! The significance of stretching cannot be stressed Image result for black woman or black man + stretching + .orgenough. As many Black, Connecticut singles professionals know, we work at desks and our muscles, especially in our back and legs shorten after sitting for a long time. After work or first thing in the morning, do you find yourself short on time? Late? Do you jump right into your workout without stretching? For the most part this is okay. But stretching is better and should be considered just as vital as the fact that you exercise in the first place.

Ever had a tender back or felt restless when sitting down? Chances are this was caused by your muscles being overwrought and unbending. In order for you to rightly be fit, you need flexibility all the way through your body. Didn’t T’Challa, Nakia and Okoye have more just a nice physique on the surface? Granted, we are real and without a stunt team and flexibility takes time to achieve. However, even elementary stretching quickly feels great and makes a day-to-day, positive difference in how you feel. Only needing a few minutes weekly, stretching should be added to every fitness venture, be it in your morning, afternoon or night!

Let’s shape up and get ready for romantic park walks with other Members of TriState Black Singles.