Congrats to an Extraordinary Black Single

Dear Connecticut Black single:

Everyone in our TriState region is talking about Odell Beckham Jr.! In his first fifteen NFL games, Odell Beckham Jr. has made the most receptions ever! Odell Beckham Jr. has been the fastest player to get 100 career receptions. He did this in 14 games. That was only the start!

Wouldn’t a date to a New York Giants’ game with a special TriState Black single be fun?  Why not buy your tickets and update your profile?

With Odell Beckham Jr. being 25 years old, famous & guaranteed $65 million, he will have dating challenges ahead.

Just in case,  Odell Beckham Jr. visits our website, what suggestions would you, a Connecticut black single, share with him? What steps should a hardworking, wealthy, black single take to find true love?