Black Single, Watch Black Panther or Else

Dear Connecticut Black single:

I’m proud to share how the Black Panther movie has earned over $610 million, as of March 20th domestically. Did you know that it’s second only to Marvel’s The Avengers? Let’s “date” the Black Panther movie into first place, by attending in high numbers!

So isn’t it time to update your profile and to message a new friend on TriState Black Singles to set up a weekend movie date with lunch or dinner?

You’ve already seen the Black Panther movie? I’m serious, when I say that the Black Panther movie will deliver thrills the 2nd and 3rd time.  Despite a racist backlash, let’s continue to enjoy it.

Won’t your date and you enjoy discussing a handsome black country unaffected by slavery and its powerful images of African progress? I love how all actors have natural hair!

Indeed we all know that Africa is rich. Its people are poor but that can change.